Agent Performance criteria

Performance criteria is defined by the stakeholder participating in the stage of the configuration problem. So in the case of the Zoning problem the Architect decides the performance criteria after having discussions and understanding the requirements of the investors and other consultants in the project. The performance criteria can be defined as an aggregated value that quantifies the performance towards a goal.

The steps taken by the stakeholder for defining the criteria are as follows.Firstly the number of criteria required are figured out. It can be done on the basis of the different criteria in the space program. Then the relevant simulations for each criteria are selected. Weights are given to the simulation values and this weighted value is considered for the MCDA process which generates the final performance lattice for the selected criteria.

In this stage also the TOPSIS method as described in MCDA is used. The main reason for this is the nature of the method to normalise the values. It enables combining the various simulations with different units together to create a single value which shows the closeness of the value with respect to the ideal.The decision lattice thus created for all the different programs will have the same range of values. These lattices will act as the desirability lattices for the agents responsible for those specific functions. Desirability will indicate on a scale froom 1-10 how desirable a voxel is for the agent trying to create zone for a specific function.

The binder link to the code for generating Desirability lattice Binder

Privately Owned Housing Desirability Lattice

Privately Owned Housing MCDA weights

Social Sector Rental Housing Desirability Lattice

Social Sector Rental Housing MCDA weights

Free Sector Rental Housing Desirability Lattice

Free Sector Rental Housing MCDA weights

Offices Desirability Lattice

Offices MCDA weights

Restaurants and Cafes Desirability Lattice

Restaurants and Cafes MCDA weights

Parking Desirability Lattice

Parking MCDA weights

Retail Desirability Lattice

Retail MCDA weights